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Week 4 - Planting our Tomato Seeds

Here's What Plants Need:
- Our plants need water, and sun, and soil. - A & L
- We put our plants in the window. -E
- Our seeds need air. -B
- Our other seeds are in the window. -S
- Our plants will grow. -A
We are planting our seeds.

Planting our Tomato Plants

- Our plants were not hard.  -A
- We planted our seeds in water and soil. -A
- We planted 3 seeds. -E
- We counted 1-2-3. -B
- First, we got 3 seeds. -BECS & XY
- Then we put them in the dirt -BC
- Last, we closed the dirt. -X
- We will see green plants -S
- We think we will see plants on Monday -X
- If our plants get dry, we will add water. -X
- We will spray them with water. -Y
- We planted a total of 111 seeds.
Taking turns planting seeds.
We had fun!
- I had fun! - A
- This is our first time planting seeds. -B
- We had fun! -BX
- We got to plant the plants! -Y
- The plants are going to grow big. -X
Ms. Venturino typing up our blog post
Note from the one and only Christine Fax-Huckaby
"This type of lesson is very exciting to me because it proves that science is the great equalizer. Mari is fantastic, and our students benefit from her dedication. Thanks for involving me." -Christine

What is Tomatosphere?
Tomatosphere is a Citizen Science project where we plant and grow tomato seeds. One group of seeds was launched into space for 5-6 weeks, and the other group (control group) remained on Earth. We will submit our data of how many seeds we planted and how many seeds grew back to the scientists at the end of the experiment.

"How does outer space affect plants and seeds? Join Tomatosphere™, a free program where Kindergarten to Grade 12 students use "space" tomato seeds to learn about plants in space, right here on Earth. Tomatosphere™ engages students in real scientific processes that teach and reinforce inquiry skills, while they explore concepts related to plants, space, careers, nutrition and agriculture." - Tomatosphere website.