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Week 3 - Counting Markers for ColorCycle

We were working with markers this morning. -Y
We found the markers. We put them in groups of 5. -C
We counted up our markers and our
teachers put marks on the board. 
We counted 1-2-3-4-5. -B
We took our markers and put them in the box. -A
Our teachers added a mark on the board for every 5. -B
Then we counted another 5 markers. -A
We counted by 5's. -C
We had 498 markers! -B

They were old markers, and they didn't work. -X & L
We are recycling these markers. -X
We are mailing the markers back to crayola. -Ms. V
We know that recycling is good. -E
Counting markers by 5's.

Saturday is Earth Day! We are celebrating the Earth. -A
We need to clean up the Earth so the animals wont eat the trash in the ocean. -X
I remember to clean up my trash at nutrition break and lunch. -S
I see the birds eating trash. Birds aren't supposed to eat trash. -A
If birds eat trash, they get sick. -E

We had fun with markers!

Check out the Crayola ColorCycle program!
Our Crayola ColorCycle box!
It was in the copy room for teachers to add markers.