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Week 2: Observing Leaves & Making Crayon Rubbing Art

Top News
X writing today's Top News and
looking at our seeds.

[Every day, we look at a news story or video, and then we talk and write about it together. Today, we are looking at the cups of seeds we planted last week and making observations about the seeds we grew.]

One of the leaves looks like a butterfly.
Many of the seeds have sprouted.
The seeds grew roots.
This makes me feel happy.
We are working on math and writing today.
It is cloudy and warm outside.

Top News on the smart board

Adventure to the School Garden
We went outside to the garden. -A
We picked 2 leaves. -E
We saw leaves in the garden. -A
We looked at the garden. -C
There were strawberries and beets and 
mint in the garden. -X

Crayon Rubbings of Leaves
We colored by putting the leaves under the paper. It was fun. -B
We colored the leaves. I used 2 colors. -S
It was fun that we made all the different color leaves and shapes. -X
Creating a crayon rubbing drawing. 
Working together to create our artwork.