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Week 1: Learning About Seeds

Jody's Beans
We read a book about growing plants. -B &Y
The book was about Jody and her Granda planting green beans -B
Jody's Granda gave her seeds to plant. She gave the plants water -L
The plants also needed sunlight. -A
The bean grows big. -X
The beans were hard. -C

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We read Jody's Beans

Ms. Venturino is reading us a book

What Plants Need to Grow
Plants need water, soil, and sun to grow. -everyone!

Planting an Avocado Seed

To plant the avocado seed, we needed a cup, avocado seed, toothpicks, and water. -B, C & S
We used toothpicks to poke it in the seed. -A
We added water to the cup. -E
We put the avocado seed by the window. -A

Ms. Venturino is showing us how to plant an
avocado seed! -L

Planting Radish Seeds

Today we planted radish seeds in cups.
Our materials were cup, seeds, paper napkin, water.
First we put a paper napkin in the cup -B
Then, we sprayed water on the napkin. -B
We put seeds inside the cup between the cup and the paper. -Y
We put another crumpled paper in the cup after. -L

E is putting seeds in the cup -B
We think the plants will grow in:
- 2 weeks -B
- 2 days -S
- 2 weeks -L
- 2 weeks -A
- 2 weeks -E
- 0 days -A
- 2 days -A