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Week 7 - Observing our School Garden

We went to the garden!  some of the plants smelled good . most plants were  green.  the flowers we planted last week were bigger. we were looking at plants in the garden. we saw the tomatoes.  we feel excilted. we are working on math and reading and science.
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Week 5 - Counting our Sprouts & Planting More

Observing our Seeds : - Our spouts are green -B - It is good. -A - It is growing. -A - It has 2 leaves. -A - I think they are going to grow tall. -B We planted another tray of seeds Counting our Seeds : - We counted 31 seeds. -E

Week 4 - Planting our Tomato Seeds

Here's What Plants Need : - Our plants need water, and sun, and soil. - A & L - We put our plants in the window. -E - Our seeds need air. -B - Our other seeds are in the window. -S - Our plants will grow. -A We are planting our seeds. Planting our Tomato Plants - Our plants were not hard.  -A - We planted our seeds in water and soil. -A - We planted 3 seeds. -E - We counted 1-2-3. -B - First, we got 3 seeds. -BECS & XY - Then we put them in the dirt -BC - Last, we closed the dirt. -X - We will see green plants -S - We think we will see plants on Monday -X - If our plants get dry, we will add water. -X - We will spray them with water. -Y - We planted a total of 111 seeds. Taking turns planting seeds. We had fun! - I had fun! - A - This is our first time planting seeds. -B - We had fun! -BX - We got to plant the plants! -Y - The plants are going to grow big. -X Ms. Venturino typing up our blog post Note from the one and only Christine Fax-

Week 3 - Counting Markers for ColorCycle

We were working with markers this morning. -Y We found the markers. We put them in groups of 5. -C We counted up our markers and our teachers put marks on the board.  We counted 1-2-3-4-5. -B We took our markers and put them in the box. -A Our teachers added a mark on the board for every 5. -B Then we counted another 5 markers. -A We counted by 5's. -C We had 498 markers! -B They were old markers, and they didn't work. -X & L We are recycling these markers. -X We are mailing the markers back to crayola. -Ms. V We know that recycling is good. -E Counting markers by 5's. Saturday is Earth Day! We are celebrating the Earth. -A We need to clean up the Earth so the animals wont eat the trash in the ocean. -X I remember to clean up my trash at nutrition break and lunch. -S I see the birds eating trash. Birds aren't supposed to eat trash. -A If birds eat trash, they get sick. -E We had fun with markers! Check out the Crayola ColorCycle progra

Week 2: Observing Leaves & Making Crayon Rubbing Art

Top News X writing today's Top News and looking at our seeds. [Every day, we look at a news story or video, and then we talk and write about it together. Today, we are looking at the cups of seeds we planted last week and making observations about the seeds we grew.] One of the leaves looks like a butterfly. Many of the seeds have sprouted. The seeds grew roots. This makes me feel happy. We are working on math and writing today. It is cloudy and warm outside. Top News on the smart board Adventure to the School Garden We went outside to the garden. -A We picked 2 leaves. -E We saw leaves in the garden. -A We looked at the garden. -C There were strawberries and beets and  mint in the garden. -X Crayon Rubbings of Leaves We colored by putting the leaves under the paper. It was fun. -B We colored the leaves. I used 2 colors. -S It was fun that we made all the different color leaves and shapes. -X Creating a crayon rubbing drawing.

Week 1: Learning About Seeds

Jody's Beans We read a book about growing plants. -B &Y The book was about Jody and her Granda planting green beans -B Jody's Granda gave her seeds to plant. She gave the plants water -L The plants also needed sunlight. -A The bean grows big. -X The beans were hard. -C We read Jody's Beans Ms. Venturino is reading us a book What Plants Need to Grow Plants need water, soil, and sun to grow. -everyone! Planting an Avocado Seed To plant the avocado seed, we needed a cup, avocado seed, toothpicks, and water. -B, C & S We used toothpicks to poke it in the seed. -A We added water to the cup. -E We put the avocado seed by the window. -A Ms. Venturino is showing us how to plant an avocado seed! -L Planting Radish Seeds Today we planted radish seeds in cups. Our materials were cup, seeds, paper napkin, water. First we put a paper napkin in the cup -B Then, we sprayed water on the napkin. -B We put seeds inside the cup between the cup